First meeting in october 2013

First meeting with five people around the text n°1


Florencia Franchini was attended by the following persons: Belén Aldazabal, Felipe Colloca, Pocho Wildfire, Santiago. 


Santiago proposed two activities: first, they sat back to 2 people. Each is described and explained its relationship with art (how they are designed, what he thought of art, etc..) The goal was to open individually and then connect each experience with others, to within the group.


The second activity consisted of a visual design on the other, by a drawing or collage, each participant was asked to describe how he saw another person. This part is the most important: to understand how the other sees us and how we see each other. This was then discussed in the group.


Third meeting in November 2013

Third meeting around the Text #4


Coordinator : Florencia Franchini & Santiago Serrano  

Participants : Juan, Maria Eugenia, Marina, Lucia, Corina, Candelaria, Juliette. 


Santiago conducted a relaxation exercise. Finally, to stimulate discussion, Florencia Santiago placed in a box of documents with several questions that refer to the text, what is spontaneity, which report the creativity, art and religion, and it? what is art?

All participants presented a question and everyone ran into the discussion of this question.

Second meeting in November 2013

Second meeting around the text n°2


Coordinator : Maria Echevarrieta, 

Participants : Laura, Estefania, Magdalena


During the meeting the three participants were able to work the following activities: yoga, a sun salutation, and stretching exercises.


After the section of the body work, they sat around a series of words written on cards, each chose one to discuss. It was to find relationships between the text read, the words and their bodies.

Meeting at Dacil Art - July 2014

ARTEBA- July 2014

We presented The Truth of the Labyrinth during arteBA art fair in Buenos Aires. Also moderated by curator Mariana Rodriguez Iglesias.. Find more information here !