Friday, September 1st, 2006
This article was published in Journal du médecin, 10 may 1996 :


« Founded in january 1994 by Julien Friedler, « La Moire », a research center on the psychic apparatus, is mostly a place of reflexion boasting more than 60 activities.
From the Greek « moira », meaning destiny, La Moire comes from Julien Friedler’s practice, a writer and the director of this research center (…). In his book titled Gimp’s Legend, but published, in 1995, under the main title Psychoanalysis and neurosciences, the author speaks for psychoanalysis opening itself to other disciplines and for the possibility of a new questioning about castration. The lacanian elaboration has a great part in it.
He is interested in a series of pathologies, as the neurological phenomenon of the ghost member, Parkinson’s disease and obsessional nevrosis. Through these varied pathologies, J. Friedler tries to go from the signifiant to its background, in the purpose of showing the psychic apparatus is related to invariants, explaining the repetition of som structures and from which we could find biological sources today.
La Moire is mostly a place of reflexion, which vocation is to confront psychoanalysis to other disciplines, so the lattest could bring to the first their contributions, knowledges and experiences. So, the tuesday’s seminar about the encephalon structures tackled the subject of melatonin, mechanisms of vision and the obsessional-compulsive troubles pathology.
The thursday’s seminar, for its part, is an incursion in the field of oriental philosophies. The Sunday’s seminar about moral law wors in the light of Freud’s latest book, Moïse and monotheism.
Eventually, working groups were formed, in one hand,  around themes from the encephalon structures seminar and, on other hand, around the global theme of the profane psychoanalysis and, especially, the question of analysts’s education and practice. But La Moire wants also to be a place of inforamtion and develops in this purpose a library and a documentation center.