Sunday, September 10th, 2006
In 1985, Julien Friedler published his second book, L’Ombre du Rabbin (Rabbi’s Shadow), a collection of short stories. On this occasion, the Belgian newspaper « Le Soir » published an enthusiastic review.
First, the journalist is amazed the book has been written in French rather than in English or Yiddish, comparing Friedler to Singer and raving about « the freedom of imagination », the humour, the « absolute trust in the language » Julien Friedler shows in these tales, impregnated with Jewish traditions. He promised then to the author a brilliant future.


Julien Friedler writes now :

Other articles would follow, raving for the most of them. However, the promise won’t be held.
For anecdotic reasons, first (a marriage, a child, the necessity to earn his daily bread) but also for deeper causes, due to our relation to litterature. The structure we were looking for, which could make the traditional novel (we already thought obsolete) explode, was escaping us. We were trying, in vain : our accounts were still running in a classic way, telling stories which were desperating us.

Weary, we changed our plans. A book would result, of another kind : Psychanalyse et neurosciences (Psychoanalysis and neurosciences) (Paris, PUF, 1995). The year before, we had founded « La Moire » (a research center on the psychic apparatus) in purpose of reworking the idea of a psychoanalytic institution. This without prejudging the essential, that is : the research of a modern spirituality, fitting our mutating societies.