Munich – Rund Um Boz in 80 Jahren

Thurs., 2008/05/08, 19:00 – 23:00, Hl. Kreuz-Kirche, Ichostr. 1, München-Giesing
BeBOZ: AROUND THE BOZ IN 80 YEARS, Vernissage in the manse, Gietlstr. 2

Exhibition until 2008/06/29, Tue. – Sun. 13:00 – 18:00, Wed. 10:00 – 18:00


This is the first event of the Trilogy, after a kind of prelude, a video-performance featuring Jack Balance, which took place on March 1st 2008. The theme of this first exhibition will be Julien Friedler’s « Around the Boz In 80 Years » project.

With this project, Friedler invites people to get part of the world of BOZ by filling out a questionnaire. While answering the questionnaire everybody breaks through the secular course of the world and pauses for a little while to get into the six existential questions :





The questionaires are being collected around the world for 80 years, i.e. until 2086 – mind the title of the exhibition AROUND THE BOZ IN 80 YEARS.

The answers on these questions are going to build the fundament of the artwork « Forest of Souls” and constitute the materialized animus of the world during a certain age.

Friedler wants to create new icons for a better future world. Therefore the artist aims a long term, idealistic strategy supposed to overlast his own lifetime. Art should be more than an object of prestige. Given the fact that art nowadays often is reduced to its market value, one tends to miss the original surplus value of it. Isn’t art supposed to touch people deep down inside and to excavate the inner spirit and soul?

According to this a sacred room is ideal to present the first exhibition because, as religion, Julien Friedler’s work is engaged in existential questions.

The Catholic Parrish Hl. Kreuz in Giesing, as patron of this exhibition, also raises these questions. During the Sunday church services and several evening receptions, with changing speakers, there will be searched for answers.

In the church the searching for answers while the exhibition will be underlined by a sound installation of Cornelia Faist. In the entrance of the church the visitors will have the possibilty to fill out the questionnaires and get part of BeBOZ.

In May and June the Sunday church services at 10 o’clock will refer to the above mentioned questions of BeBOZ.

In June there will be several evening lectures with different speakers who treat following items.

On Sunday at 18.30 PM.

  • 01.06.: Art and Church/ Is there any need for?: Pastor Rainer Hepler, artist-referent
  • 08.06.: Art and Spirituality: Abt Odilo Lechner
  • 15.06.: Art and Mission: Dr. Petra Giloy-Hirtz, independent curator & Bo Christian Larsson, artist
  • 22.06.: Art and Therapy: Prof. Dr. Gertraud Schottenloher, Director of Postgraduate Studies Art and Therapy at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich &  Stefanie Höll, artist and therapist
  • 29.06.: Concert: Musica Ritmica, composed by Thomas Renner

The evening lectures will be moderated by pastoral reverend Gereon Kühr and curator Erno Vroonen BeBOZ, Munich 2008.
Initiative by: Julien Friedler,
Hosted by: Catholic Parrish Hl. Kreuz, München-Giesing
Soundinstallation: Cornelia Faist


Curator: Erno Vroonen

Organisation: Britta Hölzer

Design:  Schmid+Widmaier Design
PR :  Goldmann PR