Give up ! Brussels

On the left side, the objects collected in Tevogan a small village in Togo and sent to Brusels.

On the right side, the answers made by the residents of Brussels. The answers are works of art. They are based on the objects received from Tovegan.

« Give up » dialogue is born between Tevogan and Brussels.


All artists met in Brussels during an evening to create a collective canva (243×298 cm) in  response to objects brought from Togo.


Dimitri Petrovic/ E.K/ Grégoire Joly-Bouille/ Charlotte Armand de Chateauvieu/ Gaël de Ville/ Axel de Ville/ Adec/ Edwin Lavallée/ Anthony V-M/ Andrew Bolton/ Sébastien De Buyl/ Géraldine de Behault


E.K / in response to all objects from Togo, Elliot created a canvas (203 x 156 cm)

Géraldine de Behault

in response to all objects from Togo, Geraldine has created this installation

(« Sleep instead of dreaming! « (3 versions, » the wise and the monkey, « the tale of an artist who » sleep « and » exchange « ) / Canson, cutter, diode. Variable size.)

Edwin Lavallée

« Wood, Metal, Plastic»

in response to all objects from Togo, Edwin Lavallée has created a monolith (200x123x31cm)

Quentin Bambuck – Collage

in response to all objects from Togo, Quentin Bambuck has created this collage

Grégoire Joly-Bouille

in response to the object dedicated to the god thunder, Gregoir created creted a special « juke box ».