Forest of Souls

Dialogues (Exhibition)

Celestial Tramp

This video was made in the palliative care center for children. We had the support of all the medical staff and approval of parents present who also responded to questions from The Forest of Souls. Nurse, Ms. Marina Balabanova accompanied us and showed Projects Forest of Souls and The Tramp Celeste in every room.

Children made drawings. One among them, the drawing of Roumen, was selected and joined the collection « Celestial Tramp ». During the exhibition of Julien Friedler « Dialogues » that took place a year later, in May 2009 at The National Gallery of Foreign Art, Sofia (Bulgaria) this drawing was exhibited in dialogue with works the artist. Designed as an exhibition « conceptual and interactive », « atypical Gallery », « Dialogues » confronted the works of Julien Friedler group projects Be Boz Be Art initiated by the artist.

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