Forest of Souls in Brussels

Forest of Souls in Ostende

Ostende, Friday, August 3rd, 2007. Just in front of the beach, near the monument for the Sea Heroes, a strange cabin appeared.

Each side of the Boz Cabin is decorated with one of the 3 clowns from Julien Friedler ’s Book of Boz.
Around 2 PM, an armada of Jack Balance’s clones gathered around the cabin. Wearing a black Bonnet, glasses, a fake nose, a mustache and a red T-shirt, holding an « Around the Boz in 80 Years » questionnaire, they are walking towards people standing there and ask them to fill in the famous questionnaire.
Two hours later, all the Jack Balances have gathered in the cabin and closed the door. When the door is opened, Jack Balance speaks, and shows one more time his rebellious spirit. He puts an « Around the Boz » questionnaire into a bottle.
Then it’s a cohort of Jack Balances which slowly processes toward the sea, where into the bottle will be throwed.

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