Art Show

The first Be Art art show was held on Saturday August, 25th, 2007 in Buenos Aires (Argentina), showcasing the work of ten young artists (most of them are in the first years of their careers as professional artists), along the « Around the Boz in 80 Years » and « Forest of Souls » projects.
The artists :

Agustina Mihura
Constanza Giulani
Debora Zilberman
Joaquin Sola
Maica Gonzalez Venzano
Maria Bedoian
Maria de las Mercedes Reina
Nanci Alfonso (Fundacion PH15)
Nadia Gomez
Paula Fassina

Carmen Ferreyra, curator and co-organizer of the show:

« People began to arrive at NUN at 7pm, right when we opened the doors and the music started. The DJ was Macarena Silva, our coordinator in Chile (besides being a Psychoanalyst, she is a DJ). At 930pm we had a formal presentation of the project, where Majo and I explained Be Art to the public and introduced the artists to them as well. There were so many people that the place ended up being too small and people had to listen to this presentation from the sidewalk. It was really crowded, and you could hear people on their cell phones inviting friends to come over.
The show lasted for 5 hours (from 7pm to 12am), and we had to close the doors because we were returning the rented speakers and dj equipment… if not… I am sure it could have lasted a lot longer.
There was also a dark room in the basement, where we put my old tv showing a video by Agustina Mihura, and where we also had the Boz Shop and the Give Up coffin. We have collected some objects already.
The group of friends from PH15 was really happy about this. It was one of first times that they show their art at an exhibition.
We were all very touched by this event. All the people that is working with the Boz in Buenos Aires was working there: Majo Carvajal, the Boz Girls, Tomas (video), Pablo (video editor), Paola (finances and organization), and Daniela and Martin (both photographers) and me, of course.
The night could not have been better. We had champagne and sushi (one of my best friends is a well known chef in Argentina).
And, on top of that, the works by Coty Giuliani and Paula Fassina were sold. »