Lia Golombek

Lia is our correspondent in Sao Paulo. She has established the exhition « Spirit of Boz » at the Mube.

Carmen Ferreyra

Carmen Ferreyra (our correspondant for Be Boz Be Art- in USA, Argentina, in Chile). Born in Buenos Aires, on July 5th, 1976; lives in New York. She is currently a MA student in Critical and Curatorial Studies in Modern Art at Columbia University, has a BA in Art History and French, Columbia University, two Associates in Arts: Image and Sound Design (Panamericana de Diseño y Publicidad, Buenos Aires), and Graphic andCommercial Arts (Miami Dade College, Miami), and has attended several art courses in New York (MoMA), Paris (Reid Hall and Musée du Louvre), and Buenos Aires.


Since October 2007, she works as the manager for Pinta Art Show in London and New York City. In addition, she has curated several shows both in New York and Buenos Aires for an independent art project, El tigre Celeste, with young emerging artists from Argentina, has worked at the curatorial department at the Whitney Museum of American Art, El Museo del Barrio and at the registrar department at Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros in New York City, and will work at the research center at MACBA (Barcelona) during the summer of 2012.