Julien Friedler - President

Julien Friedler, born in 1950 in Bruxelles. Writer, contemporary artist, leading figure in the visual art movement known as ‘be art’. Childhood in Brussels.

University degrees in philosophy at La Sorbonne and ethnography at the ‘Université Libre’ of Brussels.

Cursus in psychoanalysis in Paris, adhers to post-structuralist theories of Jacques Lacan, while starting a personal psychoanalysis with Lacan.

In the nineties, he established the « La Moire » in Brussels, an institute which promotes an interdisciplinary approach within the psychoanalytic field.

In 2008, Julien Friedler has created an association for contemporary art called Spirit of Boz who coordinates the program Be Boz Be Art.

Jeanne Zeler - Director of Spirit of Boz - Founder member

(1956 - 2015) Jeanne was the co-founder of Spirit of Boz. 

She always smiled and as a biography she decided to send this "single, and until now I have dedicated my time and efforts to projects that seemed important to me. Paradoxically, those did not include a house, a husband, children or all that goes with it.

On the other hand, I have a passion for a lot of things, in particular contemporary art. A small-scale collector and a recognized stage designer (which I am by training!), I met Julien Friedler in 2000! This was not a chance meeting: he was looking for an agent and I wanted to get out of the rut that had gradually established itself. I loved his literary and visual work, and so I have since devoted myself entirely to his artistic project “Spirit of Boz”. We are now 2011, and I am still here!"

She always be with us... we decided to create a collection dedicated to her.



Stella Rouskova - Art Project Manager in Italy

Stella develops the project of the association in Italy (exhibition, meetings, conference...) and collaborate with Julien Friedler's curator Dominique Stella (since December 2007).

Friedler ‘s Universe can be seen by different sights, different Windows of Arts such as Literature, plastics, drawings, paintings, psychology, spirituality.

As a clinical psychologist and painter, I was obviously charmed by all that creativity indeed. I join this great Story four years ago and since then I have sorted out different assignments from formal exhibition at the Foreign Art Museum of Bulgaria, to public relations achieving artistic and philosophic debates.

I am now in charge of all literary heritage, a key-world for the understanding of all Friedler’s Artwork.

Sonia Bressler - Be Boz Be Art Manager

Graduated with a PhD in philosophy and epistemology, I met Julien Friedler at the turn of a random philosophical. Since my questions about the relationship between metaphysics, art and thought have ceased. Dialogue between our universe and my commitment to the philosophical story led me into the universe of Boz.


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