Artista chilenos emergentes se unen a movimiento internacional

The most important newspaper in Chile, El Mercurio, featured an article about the Be Art show, which happened on November, 25th, 2007. The article is titled : « Artista chilenos emergentes se unen a movimiento internacional » (Emergent Chilean artists join in an international movement), dated November 24, 2007.


SANTIAGO- An Art Exhibition will take place tomorrow, at  “Borderio Gallery”, so as to spread the work of young emergent artists as well as the work of renowned artists. But this is not a simple art exhibition.
This initiative frames into an international project, which has already visited many countries. National artists, were summoned by the Belgian artist Julien Friedler, who is leading an International creative work, which adopts a multiplicity of artistic expressions, coming from a Mother Work , which Friedler calls: “ Be Art”.
Be Art can be defined as an endeavor to transcend the art field so as to project it in the social field. Unlike Pop Art, which brought popular icons into a privileged circle, Be Art will intend to reach people, to transform them in artist’s avatars and creative work.
This initiative comes from the Belgian artist´s international project: “Spirit of Boz”, which has been carried out in many places, such as, Argentina, Monaco, Belgium and Israel, under the slogan  “Be Boz – Be Art – Get Art”. 
Among the artists who will take part in this exhibition, we will find:  Juan Pablo Langlois Vicuña, Dartinella Tosselli, Ignacio Muñoz Vicuña, Toya Troncoso, and Macarena Rivera.


More information
The first edition of the world-wide exhibitions, carried out by “Spirit of Boz”, will take place next Sunday, November 25th,  at Borderío Gallery, 4500 Monseñor Escrivá de Balaguer street, Vitacura.

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Artista chilenos emergentes se unen a mo
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