Spirit of Boz - Julien Friedler Association for Contemporary Art is a non-profit structure

Friends of  Spirit of Boz was set up at Julien Friedler’s request to accompany him in his project. Members are invited to support Spirit of Boz and help take its message to a wide audience.

All donations allow us to provide art and continue our actions around the world.

We will give you access in the coming days to our intranet « Inside the Boz »…. This proximity will allow you to interact with the members of our team.

  • Donate as a Friend 50€ / 65$ (per year)
  • Donate as a Donor 100€ / 130$ (per year)
  • Donate as a Benefactor 500€ / 642$ (per year)
  • Donate as a Sponsor 1000€ / 1284$